Vilaca Racing Time Attack Series for the public! Time Attack is a non-wheel to wheel racing  event that takes place on various race tracks. Drivers are competing against the clock to see which car and driver is the fastest combination on the day.

The Vilaca Racing Series is about providing safe, spirited, fun and competitive track time for Novice and Advanced drivers. It is open to all makes, models, all drive trains, turbo or aspirated, road and race cars Vilaca Racing Series includes competitive classes for all degrees of tuning and modification.

The classing is designed to place vehicles by drivetrain into classes based on similar modifications. The classes are divided into sub categories that will be clearly defined by  our 2024 Rules and Regulations.

Our series is about safety, fun and family. Our simplified rules makes it easy to class each competitor in a class that will keep the racing series fair and competitive.

We look forward to seeing you at our events throughout 2024! 


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