Welcome to Vilaca Racing Ultimate Car & Driver Event,


For the first time ever, Vilaca Racing will be hosting the first Ultimate Car and Driver Challenge in 2024. Vilaca Racing has created the most challenging event that will test drivers and their cars to the limit. This event combines some of the biggest and growing motorsport events worldwide into a format that anyone with any car can enter and be competitive and all in a single day!

The 3 combined motorsport events:

  • 400m Drag
  • Time attack
  • Gymkhana

Each of the above element of the event will showcase a fast car, a fast driver and a fast car and driver. To win the class and the overall event it is going to be exceptionally challenging. Drivers will need to maintain their focus throughout the day and also need to look after their vehicles to keep them in perfect condition should they make it to the class and overall shootout. Our rules and regulations are simple and effective, we will cater from standard production out the showroom floor vehicles to fully prepared race cars. All cars will make use of DOT approved road legal tyres. We will run the first portion of the day with qualifying rounds, the final portion of the day will be the class shootouts and an overall top 20 shootout.

For the first Ultimate Car & Driver Event entries will be limited to 100 cars and drivers, the cars and drivers will be split into 3 competitive classes.

The Vilaca Racing Ultimate Car and Driver Challenge is about providing safe, spirited, fun and competitive track time for Novice and Advanced drivers.

We wish all our participants the best

We look forward to seeing you on track!

Jonathan Vilaca

Founder Vilaca Racing

1. Vilaca Racing Ultimate Car & Driver Event

1.1. Vilaca Racing Defined

Vilaca Racing is an organization dedicated to arranging and regulating sports car events and exhibitions; encouraging safe and sportsmanlike conduct on public

1.2. Ultimate Car & Driver defined

Vilaca Racing UDC is a non-wheel-to-wheel competition which allow multiple drivers enter a car in an event which tests their driver skill and durability of equipment in various forms of motorsport disciplines such as 400m drag, Time Attack and Gymkhana.

1.3. Assumption of Risk

Endurance racing is a dangerous sport that can result in serious injury or death. Participation in all aspects of the sport is voluntary. The ultimate responsibility for participant and vehicle safety lies with the participant, vehicle owner, driver, and crew members.

The participant also acknowledges that by participating in the event, the participant may suffer bodily injury or death, or loss or damage to property. The participant further acknowledges that the participant has voluntarily assumed the risk of bodily injury or death, or loss or damage to property or resources and waives any claims for bodily injury or death, or loss or damage to property or resources against but not limited to; Vilaca Racing, its directors, officers, employees and agents, event officials, event sponsors, racetrack operator’s other participants and discharges such persons and entities from responsibility for such losses.

1.4. Participant Conduct

1.4.1. Be at least 18 years old and hold a current valid driver’s license

1.4.2. Complete and sign the required indemnity form/waivers and tech inspection form prior to driving in the event

1.4.3. Follow the rules set forth in this document, along with any rules given before or during the event by the event organizers

1.4.4. Have registered for the event and paid the entry fee

1.4.5. Abide by the drivers dress code

1.4.6. Vilaca Racing code of conduct Any driver/crew shall abide by the rules in their entirety and in the spirit of which they are written. Any attempt to interpret the said rules to gain an unfair advantage will be penalized appropriately by the committee All persons shall conduct themselves in an orderly manner. Any disorderly conduct or any failure to obey official instructions or any breach of these regulations by entrants, drivers, or their assistants, shall make the entrant concerned liable to a penalty and/or fine. All participants must play within the rules and respect race officials and their decisions All participants must respect the rights, dignity, and value of their fellow participants regardless of gender, ability, physical appearance, cultural background, or religion. All participants must always encourage and take responsibility for their actions All participants must ensure their equipment is safe and race worthy, prior to taking part in training, testing or race events. Only approved racewear (e.g.: helmet, gloves, race boots and suit) to be used by the driver, according to the regulations. It is the participants own responsibility to identify and measure his/her own skill level against his/her competitors, and take responsibility for the risks associated with training, testing and or racing. It should be noted that a basic level of competence is required It is the participant’s responsibility to declare, prior to any participation in training, testing, or racing, of any medical condition or medication required that may be relevant in the event of an emergency All participants are required to display courtesy and etiquette to other members and participants in training, testing and race events. Any disputes or problems that may arise during an event must be addressed in a respectful manner, to the correct person (official) at the event The safety of children within the sport is a priority. Knowledge of the code of ethics surrounding care of children in sports will be promoted and encouraged. It is the participant’s own responsibility to ensure the safety of children at training, testing, or racing events When taking part in any event, it is the responsibility of the driver to take the time to read and fully understand the posted rules, regulations and conditions for said event prior to start time, thus eliminating unnecessary delays at the beginning of the event. Requests for clarification of these rules, regulations, or conditions, should be asked in the drivers meeting held before each event All participants must have respect for the environment and the surrounding inhabitants. Responsibility must be taken to reduce excessive noise and keep all areas that are used as clean and pollution free as possible All participants must respect that drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited at training, testing and races. It is an offence and will not be tolerated. Offenders will be excluded from the event and face further disciplinary action Any abusive comments on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) between teams, competitors, officials, organizers, will be held responsible and liable for their actions If the offence occurs during an event race, the car and driver concerned may be excluded from the race, or entire event and/or a penalty and/or a fine may be imposed. Failure to report at a specified time shall be a breach of the regulations and may be subject to a penalty and/or a fine Wild or disorderly driving shall be subject to exclusion Any proceeding, derogatory action, or interference with or against a race official by entrants, drivers, or their assistants shall result in a ban from the event and/or series Abuse of officials will not be tolerated and offenders will be removed from the event and subject to further legal action

1.4.7. Any driver who is involved in an incident shall follow the instructions of the safety team without question and will not be allowed to return to competition without the approval of the Vilaca Racing staff.

2. Sporting Regulations

The following descriptions and procedures govern the Vilaca Racing Ultimate Car & Driver Challenge. Participants are expected to follow these rules and the intent of these rules. They may be penalized for not doing so.

Participants are reminded that there are many unwritten best practices focused on safety that would be impractical to commit to the written rulebook. If an official or track employee asks you to do something in the name of rules and you believe it is in error – do not argue with that person. Bring it to the attention of the Race Director or Event Lead for a solution

2.1. All drivers must have an understanding of the following:

2.1.1. Flags. General flag rules will be observed. Flag rules will be gone over in the race group drivers meeting at the start of the event. Track Flags which may vary per facility, will be covered at drivers meeting


2.1.2. Pay attention to and follow the flags. Flags and their meanings will be demonstrated at the driver’s meetings

2.1.3. A firm “black flag” rule will be instituted at all Vilaca racing events. Dangerous driving such as regular off-track excursions, reckless driving leading to poor or out of control car control and/or creating dangerous conditions for other competitors will be monitored by the track officials and Vilaca Racing Committee. Offenders will be black flagged and have to be cleared before they can be allowed back on the track

2.1.4. Follow the given dress code for the event

2.1.5. Driver and passenger arms and hands must remain inside the vehicle at all times

2.1.6. If a driver notices something is wrong with their car while on track, every effort should be made to pull off the track immediately, in a safe and predictable manner

2.1.7. Any and all unsafe and reckless/out of control driving that is seen by participants is asked to be reported Vilaca Racing staff

2.1.8. Track Rules

The track rules are subject to change without notice and may differ from track to track. These changes to the track will only be made if necessary for the safety of the drivers and/or spectators No burnouts / spinning allowed Pit lane / pit parking lot speed is a walking pace No excessive revving allowed No open fires allowed

2.1.9. Contact on track is deemed unacceptable. All cars participating in the event must be driven in such a manner that they do not make contact other cars on track

2.1.10. Contact with walls or barriers or other cars will result in the driver being parked for the remainder of the day unless the car has been passed by the tech inspector and is safe to do so. These events cannot continue without the safe driving of the participants being the highest priority for all involved

2.1.11. Contact in any detrimental way to the walls, barriers, tyre walls, or other structures of the racetrack or paddock that cause damage deemed to need repair (by the track management), may result in the driver or owner of the car causing the damage to be billed for repairs

2.1.12. Stopping on track. Coming to a complete stop on track is prohibited if at all possible. A full-stop vehicle will automatically result in a red flag situation for all cars in the area of the stopped vehicle or on the entire racetrack. If a car needs to stop on track, please stop in a safe location not on a blind spot or a corner exit, and drivers may only exit the vehicle if given the permission of the marshal. It is strongly advised not to stop any vehicle on tall, dry grasses, as fire and inevitable vehicle damage will likely occur. If the vehicle is on fire, the driver may exit as soon as possible.

2.2. Safety

2.2.1. Driver Dress code

Each participant will receive a driver’s dress code via email and/or message

The bellow dress code is a guideline but not limited to the list bellow All drivers and passengers are required to wear a helmet at all times on circuit Long pants only, no shorts on track Convertible cars long sleeve tops/jackets only Racing suits are highly encouraged on track for street cars Race cars may only be allowed on track with a Race Suit Shoes must be closed-toe. No sandals No tank tops

2.2.2. Passengers are allowed in participants’ cars Passengers must follow the given drivers dress code Must be medically fit to do so Indemnity forms are completed This is a privilege, not a right, and can be revoked Passengers are allowed in cars at the determination of the Vilaca Racing staff. Please know as a driver of a car with a passenger that you are taking on a great responsibility. Safety of both occupants of a vehicle is of utmost importance

2.2.3. Minimum OEM safety belts are compulsory. Four or Five-point harnesses with a HANS device/neck brace are strongly recommended for all classes and compulsory for Race Cars

2.2.4. Fire Extinguishers The size of the fire extinguisher must be more than 1.5kg and be securely fastened by means of a steel bracket and a minimum of 2 x M5 bolts (cable ties, duct tape and Velcro will not be passed) The correct fire extinguisher must be fitted to the car (fire extinguisher class B, C, BC or ABC) Fire extinguishers are strongly recommended for all classes and compulsory in the following circumstances Race Cars Ethanol fueled cars Water methanol injection kit fueled cars 

3. 2024 Classes

The below list(s) refer to the class restrictions and/or requirements. This does not include the basic inspection of the vehicle that the vehicle will undergo in order to be classed correctly and/or pass inspection

Classing of FWD RWD 4WD

3.1. All vehicles in Street, Modified and Super must be production road cars. Street and Modified cars need to be road legal and licensed. All vehicles need to pass the inspection report (see section 4)

Class exemptions

Road Super Cars are exempted from entering both Street and Modified Classes, however classification on a ‘super car’ will be dealt on an individual basis


  • Numbers & decals

Numbers and sponsor decals

Race numbers and sponsor decals will be given 1 (one) set of decals for the year.

Decals must be displayed in the appropriate manor – see picture bellow.

Stickers may be applied to magnets and then be place on the vehicle.

Failure to display the provided decals/correct number and/or modifying the decals in any way without the consent of the committee (i.e., cutting out the race number) will result in the following outcome

  • Driver will not be allowed to compete at the event

Should you require a new set of stickers for each event and/or a replacement set you may arrange with the committee at an additional fee to the event entry fee.

This will be enforced before the day starts

7. Media release

Participant understands that Vilaca Racing collects, records, publishes, posts, transmits, and displays audio/visual “media” (images, recordings, videos, and other media).

With this understanding, Participant gives permission for media of Participant, to be collected, recorded (on film or otherwise), published, posted, displayed and transmitted by Vilaca Racing for any purpose. Participant hereby voluntarily releases and hold harmless Vilaca Racing, its directors, employees, land owners, and agents acting officially or otherwise, from all manner of suits, actions, claims, demands, and liabilities which may arise from such media participation. This release applies to any and all media known, and hereafter devised, in perpetuity throughout the universe. Participant understands that all media remains the property of Vilaca Racing, and waives all rights to original media, copies of media, royalties, entitlements, payments, or any other compensation or quid pro benefits which might arise from Vilaca Racing’s acquisition, storage, display, publication, posting, or distribution of media of Participant as described herein.

Participant understands that this document constitutes a full and complete waiver of all possible claims of any nature whatsoever, including claims of negligence, personal injury or property loss, or damage, arising out of said media participation

8. Emergency medical treatment permission

Participant understands that on occasions an emergency requiring medical treatment can develop. Participant hereby consents to receive medical treatment that may be deemed advisable and/or necessary in the event of injury, accident, and/or illness during the Event.

Participant understands and acknowledges that any/all medical treatment is for his/her own account.

9. Acknowledgement

Participant hereby warrants that Participant has read this Agreement carefully, understand its terms and conditions, acknowledge that Participant will be giving up substantial legal rights by signing it, and intends for Participant signature to serve as confirmation of Participant’s complete and unconditional acceptance of the terms, conditions and provisions of this Agreement. This Agreement represents the complete understanding between Participant and the Event Organizers regarding these issues and no oral representations, statements or inducements have been made apart from this Agreement. If any portion of this Agreement is held to be unenforceable, invalid or overly broad, Participant agrees that the remaining terms and provisions of this Agreement will continue in full legal force and effect. Participant further understands and agrees to abide by the Rules and Regulations attached, which is incorporated herein by this reference.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Vilaca Racing and Participant have executed this Agreement:


10. Release of liability

Participant, hereby releases Vilaca Racing, which includes the Event organizers, officials, officers, employees, agents, driving instructors, assigns, sponsors, participants, car owners, spectators, and all other persons from any and all liability to Participant or to Participant’s personal representatives, heirs, next of kin and assigns, for any and all loss or damage on account of any injury to Participant’s person or property or resulting in death arising out of or in any way related to Participant’s presence at the Event.

This Agreement expressly indemnifies Vilaca Racing from injuries and damages which are caused by Vilaca Racing’s negligence, whether active, passive, ordinary or gross, or otherwise. In the event that Participant permits any other person to drive Participant’s vehicle during the Event, Participant hereby indemnifies Vilaca Racing from any and all injuries and damages which are caused by negligence, whether active, passive, ordinary or gross, or otherwise of said driver. Participant further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Vilaca Racing from any and all claims, demands or liability in breach or violation of the terms of this Agreement.


11. Vilaca Racing Endurance Rules

The Vilaca Racing Committee shall be the authority for control over all racing competitions within the Vilaca Racing Series. This rulebook has been established by the Race Committee and shall be referred to in all decisions.

This rulebook may be revised at any time; updates to the rules will be indicated with strike lines for removed wording, and red font for adding wording, such as this. All rule changes will be considered effective immediately unless otherwise noted. Certain events may include supplemental regulations which supersede rules contained here. The Vilaca Racing rulebook will be referred to in situations that may not be otherwise covered in this rulebook or any other supplemental regulations. All rules within this book, and any supplemental regulations, should be interpreted with logic and “spirit of intent.” Any input from a participant will be considered, but the ruling of the Race Committee of the event will be considered final. The Race Committee will only stop on-track operations for weather related reasons.

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